About Steve

Steve Wilkins Dip.C. Hyp NLP IEMT

has a good knowledge of people and way they generally work. For 24 years he had a successful career as an instructor with the military, working with people of all types. He learned that much of success or failure of individuals was down to mind-set and determination. As Norman Vincent Peal put it, "If you think you can or you think you can't, you are correct, depending on which one you believe to be true."  Steve clearly saw that within the mind there are possibilities and resources which, when tapped into, can change the direction for an individual.

Steve has enhanced this knowledge since leaving the military, adding theory and coaching experience to the insight his training years had given him, and he now helps individuals with a variety of dispositions from all walks of life.

Processes used to help 

Steve is trained in various interventions,


Certified Havening Practitioner

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Neuro Linguistic Programming (​Master Practitioner)

Motivational Life Coach

Integral Eye Movement Therapy Practitioner

Each process has its own and multiple applications.

These tools are then used to help clients achieve the out-comes they are looking to attain.

Nothing is impossible: the word its self says, "I'm possible". - Audrey Hepburn