Relaxation - according to the Oxford dictionary means:

1.    The state of being free from tension and anxiety

1.1  Recreation or rest, especially after a period of work.

1.2  The loss of tension in a part of the body, especially

        in a muscle when it ceases to contract.

2.    The action of making a rule or restriction less strict.

3.    Physics The restoration of equilibrium following disturbance.

Like many things relaxation (with out self medication) sounds good, in theory. How-ever, how many people feel the opposite of relaxed much of the time? Often to a point where (according to an NHS doctor) 50% of patients attending that particular practice, do so because of anxiety.

Finding a way to get back to, 'The state of being free from tension and anxiety'. Steve helps you to re-engage with that state (the one you naturally experienced in the past), in a very natural way, connecting you back to, while quieting the constant head chatter (also known as "the critical factor"), for a time, to a point where you can genuinely mentally and physically lose tension physically and be in a peaceful place mentally.

There is nothing quite like feeling this way. He not only guides you "there" to a place of peace and tranquillity, but he teaches you the skills to attain this yourself, whenever and wherever you are.