JW came to me with severe claustrophobia after a potholing trip went badly wrong as a child, now in his 50s he has lost the claustrophobic feelings that would plague him. ​ "He helped me release the pain of certain memories that have haunted me for years. Very professional. I highly recommend contacting Steve."

JW. Newcastle

​DH was stressed when he came to me, and desperately wanted to feel calmer and to elevate the stress feelings of  everyday  life.​ "I lead a very busy life and rarely stop to 'smell the roses."  Having a session with Steve, made me feel a deep sense of relaxation, one I haven't felt in a very long time. Thank you so much."

DH. Devon

PW was extremely stressed with a hectic busy lifestyle at work and home, he had tried all manner of prescribed medication then after a session to teach him how to relax he is now calm and focused and is really enjoying life again.

"Another relaxing experience with Steve. I recommend you to see if he can help change your life for the better."
P. Newcastle

DM was feeling very low, was depressed had low self esteem and had considered suicide after losing his job and was having family troubles. "After just a couple of hours, I was feeling better than I've felt in a long time. Thank you so much. I strongly recommend contacting Steve."

DM. Newcastle 

PF wanted to improve his golf handicap and wanted to improve his focus/concentration. After a sports performance session here's what he said, "I had a great sports psychology session with Steve. By putting (pardon the pun) some of the methods into practice I have brought my handicap down to 12 without any swing changes or extra range sessions.
I cant recommend him highly enough" PF Kent

JB came to me with anger issues and feelings of guilt, stress, anxiety and depression after a marriage breakdown.

"Steve is a very professional and thorough practitioner. He can deal with a wide variety of mental health issues and in particular for those suffering from stress, anxiety, depression (post trauma) he put me at ease  immediately and can make you realise your self worth again" JB - Newcastle

MS Wanted help with her self confidence.

"​Steve was a great help to me when I was struggling with debilitating self confidence issues which were really affecting my ability to move forward and improve my life. I am now confidently starting my own business and if ever my confidence wavers, I hear his wise words in my head again and I'm back on track! Thanks Steve, I'm so grateful!" MS - Inverness, Scotland

TB approached Northease.co as a heavy smoker, smoking 40 cigarettes per day. This was impacting on her health considerably not to mention the financial implications.

"Steve has stopped my addiction totally after only a one hour session. I was blown away with his utter professionalism and simple but effective techniques. I now live a smoke free, healthier life. I can't recommend Steve and Northease.co highly enough. TB - Newcastle

GV enquired about weight loss as it was affecting her everyday life, impacting on family and her social life.

"After only two sessions with Steve I was eating healthier, exercising more and enjoying it at the same time! His methods are simple to follow and his sessions a joy to be in. If anyone out there is serious about losing weight then don't hesitate to get in touch. Thanks so much Steve you're a life changer. GV - Newcastle

CF had an overriding almost hysterical phobia of spiders, this had been a major problem in her life for 30 years.

"I really thought that my phobia was a lifetime affliction, after one session with Steve using various techniques and hypnotherapy I no longer have this fear. Chasing spiders out of the bathroom is now an enjoyable pastime! Thanks Steve. CF - Newcastle

BN had smoked since her early teens as a product of peer pressure. Now in her forties she'd decided enough was enough as a grandchild was an imminent addition to the family and to spend time as a healthy grandparent with the child was a priority, not to mention the money she would save.

"I'd heard by word of mouth of Steve's reputation as a true professional in helping people stop smoking, I wasn't disappointed. I'm now smoke free, feel fantastic and loving spending time with my new grandchild. If you're serious about quitting then see Steve. BN - Newcastle

GW approached Northease.co as an impending driving test was making her extremely anxious and nervous.

"I had a session with Steve as i'd heard about his reputation. Steve was fantastic throughout the session and really helped me solve any worries/problems I had. Glad to say I passed first time but I couldn't have achieved it without the help of Northease.co  thank you. GW - Newcastle

LT  wanted to lose weight after trying several fad diets without any luck.​ It  was starting to get her down, affecting her self esteem and self confidence s hewanted a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix.

​"Steve is absolutely brilliant at what he does, very professional and relaxed ​. He made me feel instantly relaxed and at ease as soon as I was through the door. Once in the modern and superbly decorated therapy room (that made me even more chilled and comfortable) I felt instantly at ease. Steve explained his work and how it could benefit me in reaching my goals. He listened intently on where I wanted to be within myself and what I wanted to achieve with sessions with Northease.co.

We began a session of Hypnotherapy and couldn't believe the state of deep relaxation I was in as I sank into the most comfiest of chairs. Steve spoke throughout the process to me with the most calming of music in the background. I would highly recommend Northease.co for friendly, professional sessions and at a fair price. Three weeks on and I have lost one stone :) Thank you so much I feel amazing. LT - Newcastle